This British spy agency is joining Instagram in an attempt to “open up”

The MI5 in Britain is due to launch its official Instagram account on Thursday, with Spy agencies from the shadows coming out in the latest step.

According to BBC News, as it is known, Security Service will use @mi5official to manage common myths in the account, revealing unprecedented archive content, the UK's PA posted.

MI5 wants to hold online Q&As with intelligence agents and foster job prospects on a social network operated by Facebook that boasts over a billion users worldwide, said PA.

In recent years, the firm, once popular for its clandestine and shadowy approaches to prospective new recruiters, has started openly promoting vacancies.

Instagram will also be the first to display historical artworks from its museum in the basement of London's Thames Headquarters next to Westminster.

The transition is months after the decision of new MI5, CEO Ken McCallum, to "open up and branch out in new ways" by the historically deeply confidential organization.

He said in his first October media engagement since he started working at the end of April, "Much of what we do would stay unseen, but what we are doesn't have to be.

"Opening is also crucial for our potential progress," said McCallum, an MI5 veteran who has been supervising all counterterrorism operations for the London Olympics in 2012 for over 25 years.

In a 2018 Parliamentary Committee report the intelligence services have been sharply criticized for their failure to represent contemporary English and the absence of senior women and ethnic minorities.

UK's spy network involves the SIS – otherwise known as MI6, home to 007 James Bond, the world's best-known fictional spook – as well as cybersecurity company, GCHQ.