TikTok Official Statement Regarding Ban Lift from Peshawar High Court

In Pakistan, TikTok has recently been blocked on the grounds that the site does not comply with PTA guidelines. The prohibition came into force after two lawyers of the high court requested a ban on videos "contrary to Pakistan's legal and ethical norms." You called on the court to ban the video-sharing app until the PTA guidelines in 2020 were applied. TikTok has therefore been blocked. The ban was subsequently seriously criticized for its revamping. The authorities at TikTok said after the ban was lifted,

We are happy that TikTok is accessible again to our Pakistani community. This shows the continued dedication of TikTok to comply with our Community Guidelines, in order to foster a stable and supportive online community.

The ingenuity and enthusiasm of this group have made people in Pakistan happy and have given a place to unbelievably talented creators. TikTok is pleased to hold Pakistani voices and imagination as we support Pakistan's success story.

TikTok said in another statement,

We want to recognize the support of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and the continued fruitful dialogue and recognize its commitment to Pakistani users' digital experience, which has been long overdue in ensuring a secure, sustainable environment that allows us to explore more investments in Pakistan, and keep Pakistani creators with TikTok open vital economic opportunities.

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