TikTok Sued for Collecting Personal Data of Children

Anne Longfield has opened the "landmark lawsuit" of the former Children's Commissioner from England against TikTok alleging that the website unlawfully gathers personal data from the children's users.

In the UK and in the European Economic Region, Longfield started the lawsuit on behalf of millions of children who had used TikTok since 25 March 2018. It claims that the website violates the United Kingdom and the EU law on child safety and its goal is to prevent TikTok from processing and deleting all current data and paying for compensatory information to millions of children.

While the application requires a minimum age of 13, the case file states that around 42 percent of the users of TikTok have an 8 to 12 year age.

Longfield said,

It's not fun, we're not trying to say. Families like it. Families like it. It's so good to stay in touch, it's helped people maintain contact, they've had a lot of fun. However, I believe that the price should not be paid for this – to secretly gather their personal data en masse and transfer them to another, most likely for financial gain, without them being even aware of it. The unnecessary essence of this collection led us more than others to TikTok. It is the case that it is the preference of more than 3,5 million children in the United Kingdom alone, for this community of children.

That is also the type of information they gather – it may not be suitable for a video app, particularly for its exact location, and probably also for the recognition of the face.

TikTok shall allegedly collect personal information from children without proper notice, accountability, or legal permission. In addition, the details were hogged without the knowledge of their private information from parents and infants. In the UK alone, more than 3.5 million children may have been infected, according to Longfield.

In reply, the TikTok spokesperson stated that privacy and security are the top priority for TikTok and that we have solid policies, processes, and technology to help protect all users and in particular our young people. We think the charges are unworthy and we hope to defend the action aggressively.

Further specifics are unpacked as the matter advances.