Twitch chat is getting threaded replies

The popular streaming site has revealed that Twitch users will render threaded responses in Twitch chat today. Threaded answers might make it much easier in Twitch chats to conduct lateral conversations, often messy text waterfalls with no clear means of saying who could speak to someone else. The latest feature Chat Replies is named Twitch.

Only hover over a message to start a threaded reply, click on the display arrow, and then type the message.

Twitch released threaded responses in August 2020 as a 30-day trial on 50% of the networks so that you might have seen something like that on your site trips at that time. Twitch has a few additional updates in the complete release as a reaction to this experiment, such as the possibility to personalize how answers show in your chat and keyboard shortcuts. Though messy, the Twitch chat is a great art of creating community on-site through streamers, so any better connectivity will make it more lively.