Twitter Introduce a Tip Jar Icon to Help Creators Monetize Content

Twitter tries to make it easy to use and more flexible for the website. A few days ago, professional profiles were released to help companies get to know the app. Now, a new Icon, Tip Jar, has been developed to allow designers to monetize their content. This new addition would further boost its mission of delivering fun with creators who provide amazing content to users. Twitter has been exploring monetization on its platforms for several months now.

The Tip Jar icon looks like cash and is combined with various payment services consistent with the places in which the service is used. The same feature is recorded for introducing the Clubhouse Audio Chat App on the Twitter audio-only Spaces site. Users can monetize their content on Twitter Spaces by tapping on this feature.

Twitter is trying to implement a feature that will help creators gain a good deal by encouraging them to provide popular material. In addition, Twitter included newsletters and Super Follows to provide content developers with updates and more followers.

Right now this feature is not officially available and who will use this feature is not clear. Perhaps a number of followers would be known to be compliant with this feature on the social media site.