UET Peshawar is developing cheap solar panels

At Peshawar University, the Center for Advanced Studies and Energy has built low-cost solar panels. Low-cost panels. These panels are available at half the cost of the current silicon, built using the 3rd generation solar photovoltaic technology with the support of international partners. This is a week to unveil these lightweight, flexible panels.

The main investigator of the UET project is Dr. Najeebullah. The initiative also includes Prof. Han of the Science and Technology University in Huazhong, China, and Dr. Toby Meyer of the Switzerland Solaronixmix.

In 2014, the research process of the project started with the support of USAID, Dr. Najeebullah said. In 2019, with the financial assistance of the provincial government, prototype development for the third generation solar panels was launched.

He also disclosed that the demand for solar panels needed highly refined, 99 9999% pure poured silicon and 1100 degrees centigrade processed heats.

"We substituted silicone for our product, which is made at 450 degrees centigrade, with the naturally available metal halide perovskite"

He said.

The lead investigator has stated that in the United Kingdom and Germany of four companies worldwide, including Oxford PV, Wonder Solar, developed by Professor Han, Microquanta, GCL-nano, all in China, and others have so far built manufacturing plants, tested and supplied their products in this area.

On the other hand, Kamran Bangash, advisor to the head of the Department of Higher Education, lauded her efforts. He said the government has spent another year extending the length of this solar technology project.

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