US intelligence forecast says, Karachi will become the world’s 4th largest city by 2035

According to a four-year U.S. intelligence report, Karachi will become the world's 4th largest city, with a population of up to 23,1 million in 2035. According to figures from UNDP for 2018, the total population of Karachi is estimated at 14.91million, and it ranks 12th among the most populated cities in the world.

New Delhi, Dhaka, Mumbai, and Calcutta are the other towns that make up the "Biggest 5" by 2040.

The evaluation was included in the United States National Intelligence Council's (NIC) Global Trends Survey this year, intended to allow politicians and people to predict the world's most important economic, environmental, technical, and demographic factors over the next 20 years.

'We want to help policy-makers and people... plan for a variety of potential opportunities,' comments the writer, adding that feedback from various groups was included when the study was being developed.

The report said, in addition to its forecast rank of gross domestic product (GDP) which is now 39, Pakistan will become the world's 23rd largest economic country by 2040.