Users no longer need to use 'hey Google' for some Google Assistant features

Since the beginning, one of the world's most effective AI virtual helpers has been running Google Assistant voice commands with a Hey Google or an OK Google; this can be changed soon.

Android Police Le dossier, along with 9to5Google, say that there is a new function in the "speech shortcuts" pipeline that will enable you, under some conditions, to bypass the "hey Google" part of the order, which will make it fast and easy. It is also convenient to take a few more minutes in bed or answer a call quickly without adding any additional words.

The feature has the codename "Guacamole," and is virtually sure that users must agree to a further set of privacy terms before they are able to resolve any possible privacy fiasco. In Google Assistant settings there are also chances to provide a special toggle switch.

But it is not clear at the present time when it will take place, despite the production of Guacamole since March. However, we can't be sure when Google will make the choice available for Android in Google Assistant.