WhatsApp disappearing messages feature to add 24 Hours Option

WhatsApp continues to test new updates for consumers, which makes the app more stable and user-friendly. Remember days where you could not uninstall every post on WhatsApp because when you sent a message you shouldn't have faced a backlash? WhatsApp started the "Delete Post for Everyone" feature that was enjoyed by all to help users deal with it. Given its growing success, the chat app function "WhatsApp messages disappear" has been created that deletes received messages automatically in a 7-day time period.

WhatsApp has notified WABeta Info that this will improve and is exploring a new option to disappear messages instantly within 24 hours. This functionality is now tested for a month, and WABeta Info has posted a screenshot showing that it's now only tested on the iPhone, but maybe WhatsApp will launch it for Android later.

We expected this news not to be recent for us since the networking giant introduced this new product for a separate time period than when it first rolled out the messages that disappear.

"We begin seven days to deliver "peace of mind that talks are not permanent and realistic so you do not forget what you spoke about."

The latest choice will appear to supplement and act similarly in the 7-day option. Admins or people may opt to disappear their messages after the specified time, including conversations, images, and audio/videos.

Temporary content has also been implemented with the self-destructing message feature by Snapchat and Telegram. The news fleets in tweets still function in the same way, so WhatsApp is not the first person to add the feature.