WhatsApp for Android Tests Chat History Migration Tool

Testing on Android smartphones is the most awaited WhatsApp chat conversion platform ever. This latest update helps users to switch from Android to iOS their chat history. Initially, this functionality was reviewed only for iOS and a beta version of WhatsApp now reveals that Android has the same feature.

This is a choice as users began to switch chats from two operating systems using third-party applications. It made knowledge not only vulnerable to consumers but also affected the service terms of WhatsApp.

A WhatsApp beta screenshot of Android circulates in social media, showing that the messaging app works on a method for importing chat context. However, the company previously worked on the export process on WhatsApp for iOS. WABetaInfo said, although this screenshot is visible, it is possible to infer which method is used to move the data across a computer.

In addition to this, WABeta Info said, "but they probably would use Google Drive to store chat history briefly in order to upload Android to WhatsApp."

First, it looks like WhatsApp is exporting chats from iOS to Android and when done, it starts working on exporting Android chat history to iOS. This feature is a multi-device feature that syncs chat history through various platforms.

In addition, WhatsApp also tests the Android and iOS notifications 24 hours option to remove them. Within one day, this choice instantly deletes messages. However, users can now select messages to vanish within 7 days. This feature is also present.