WhatsApp Launches Short Keys Called 'Cheat Codes'

The WhatsApp instant message platform has implemented shortcut keys for Mac and Windows users called "Cheat Codes." You can use these keys on Windows and Mac web versions when accessing the app.

WhatsApp shared these codes with the title 'Final boss mode: unlocked' via four Twitter images. Users will discover different options on the web with shortcut keys. This includes unread the post, chat, opening a new chat window, and searching the chat list.

For Mac and Windows users the company has listed various shortcuts. These shorts also vary for WhatsApp Web and the desktop app. In fact, WhatsApp has developed four types of cheat codes. This software includes the Mac Web app, browsing Mac, desktop Windows app, and browser.

WhatsApp adds more and more features to get more users involved continuously. Recently, WhatsApp has also launched a new user search feature. The new update from WhatsApp will allow users to look for stickers. There are also some features in the instant messaging app, which enable users to select various audio playback speeds. In addition, the app allows users to migrate chats between Android and iOS users.

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