WhatsApp rolls out special sticker pack to observe Earth Day

WhatsApp launched a special Earth Day sticker pack on Tuesday to remind users how to "protect" the world.

"We have built an adhesive bundle to celebrate Earth Day, which highlights actions to protect our planet and move our economy forward," WhatsApp tweeted with a short video of the stickers accessible.

The Facebook-owned app reminded people of how words and interactions would build a better world for everyone.

The planet observes Earth Day, which began in 1970, every year on April 22nd. Such activities are taking place all around the world to highlight the situation of the earth on which we live.

This idea was born in San Francisco at a UNESCO conference in 1969. Peace activist John McConnell suggested observing such a day. The first day of the northern hemisphere of the spring he had proposed to be 21 March 1970.

But the time shifted to April 22nd after the proposal of holding national environmental teaching on April 22, 1970, suggested by American Senator Gaylord Nelson.

He collaborated with Denis Hayes, a young activist and both called it "Earth Day."

On Earth Day, most groups undertake events and schedule activities during the week to address environmental problems facing the planet.