WhatsApp Tracking Site blames WhatsApp for letting them spy

A WhatsApp tracker site for alleged cheating partners is marketing accusations to WhatsApp for facilitating its online status functionality. The website allows anyone to input two or more WhatsApp users' phone numbers and to see in an easy-to-understand way when each person used the app, which could indicate with whom the WhatsApp blamed such an opportunity to exist.

"We think Whatsapp needs to remove links to the online status from non-mutual contact numbers. It's the only reason we can work; if we do, all of the other applications that do the same cannot operate," said Motherboard's administrator in an email.

The comments come from Motherboard who confirmed that, while privacy concerns and security problems for people who face stalking or violent spouses, WhatsApp is determined to avoid users deactivating the feature that appears when the app is used.

In WhatsApp, when the app is open, all users view an online message under their profile image. As discovered by the cybersecurity firm Traced, a number of Web providers use this feature to quickly verify if a WhatsApp user is online without having to talk to them and to monitor suspected spouses on the market.

The service gives users an option to see the history of everyone online, get push notifications when the target gets online, and also predict how two people talk to each other by mapping their WhatsApp activities.

The manager has said to Motherboard that he "tracks sleep habits and uses an analysis of regression to give you the chance of chatter between two people, it is just an enjoyable (although challenging) way for us to clarify the topic of privacy."

On Thursday, WhatsApp alerted Motherboard that it was taking action against another particular Website by suspending WhatsApp accounts linked to the Website and sending a letter of cessation and removal. WhatsApp said that the same person is behind both sites to Motherboard.