WhatsApp: Two great features for iPhone users

The WhatsApp Messaging App launched two new features that are waiting for iPhone users.

Upon the new update, iPhone users will be able to browse iOS version 2.21.71 without having to access images in their chat. This latest feature now gives users a wider and more visible preview of pictures than before. rather than a square preview.

Another key functionality added for iPhone users by WhatsApp is "Disappearing Messages" which is expanded from Android to iPhone. Both community members will modify the 'Disappearing Message' configuration after the latest update. Previously, this function was only activated and disabled by community admin Kohi.

Users can send messages which will be deleted automatically in 7 days with the function 'Disappearing Messages.' Note that even though the user does not open the WhatsApp for seven days, after a certain date those messages will still vanish, however, the preview of these messages is still shown in the notification before WhatsApp opens. WhatsApp attempts, however, to reduce the length of messages that are missed from 7 to 24 days.

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