Windows 10 bug hampering gameplay of users is fixed

After PC players have experienced some problems, Microsoft has remedied a recent Windows 10 update. Frustrated users were explicitly exposed to update KB5001330 crashes during gameplay. On 23 April, a server-side patch was applied for the problem. Microsoft acknowledged that, in full screen and borderless window mode, "some users report lower game performance on multiple monitor systems."

Microsoft added, "Please notice that the automated propagation of resolution to users and uncontrolled business devices will take up to 24 hours. Restarting your device will help to apply the resolution to the device more quickly."

The new Windows 10 update has been packed with bugs, causing problems from graphical stuttering to steady decreases in frame rates and even a total collapse in some cases. This is not it. This is not it. It was reported that previously patched bugs have also been restored, for example, the bug 'Temporary User,' requiring users to migrate to guest profiles to restore files.

The instabilities of Windows 10 have been said to result from Microsoft's problematic new code.