YouTube celebrates the success of content creators in Pakistan

Every month more than two billion people come to Youtube to get their dose of content, learn their talents and communities of choice. There are no people in Pakistan who want to watch YouTube videos and produce a few incredible bits that hit millions of fans worldwide.

Today, due to the success of such an innovative content developer, YouTube celebrates the famous Village Food Secrets channel of Mubashir Saddique with its YouTube story via a globally launched, exciting video.

The film shares a journey from a small village in Punjab to a Pakistani shared guy, Mubasher, Shahpur. She lived in Sialkot and works at a football factory. He cooked for his family, an event he so liked that it became material for his YouTube channel, Village Food Secrets. With more than 2.84 million viewers from various parts of the world, he continually created four years of inspirational content that highlight Pakistan's idyllic rural life and share his culinary skills.