Zack King tops the list in terms of followers

You certainly saw at least one video from Zack King, the magical and visually disappointing founder of YouTube and Tic Tac Toe videos. He's now Tik Tak's most popular person. At the press of a button, every video hits 58.2 million people.

Therefore, Tik Tok has over 58 million followers, and this figure approaches 92 million combined with other sites. The Guinness Book of World Records has now verified a tik tok.

Videographers and magic are made by them. JI Cuttons released his first video on YouTube in 2011. He then switched to Vine, a short video website, which then became more and more successful.

In their films, they see inanimate items animated by glass-closed cars, and animals rescued from garments. Due to the examples provided and added to its videos by companies around the world, including Turkey Airlines, these videos became increasingly common.

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