A major step toward fog free Punjab is that all Punjab brick kilns have been shifted to ZigZag technology that supports the environment.

The Punjab CEO, Sardar Usman Buzdar, has reported that in the province 7,986 kilns are transformed into Zig-Zag technology, all designed to reduce kilns emissions by up to 60%.

Usman Buzdar said in his tweet that in Punjab, especially around Lahore, air pollution caused by brick ovens was a major problem and during the winter, the ovens had to be shut down for 4 months.

The smoke from brick kilns, which leads to increasing headwear reports of burning eyes and throats, has a significantly adverse effect on most parts of Punjab with winter arrivals annually. Over a period of time, the air quality of Punjab worsened and even caused road accidents caused by fog.

With this technology, coal consumption is reduced by 20 percent and carbon dioxide by 40 to 60 pc.

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