Air India passenger data is steal by 4.5 million Hackers

In a statement issued at the end of Friday, Air India said that hackers had stolen data for approximately 4.5 million passengers worldwide, including names, card numbers, and passport details.

The Indian airline giant said that it was partnering with credit card providers to "save corrupted servers" and to use 'external experts' on data protection.

"We deplore the inconvenience and value the continued support and confidence of our customers," said the carrier.

In March Air India reported that its data processing company SITA PSS had told Air India of its cyber-attack in February.

The airline told that the infringement jeopardized personal data recorded between August2011 and February2021.

SITA was the victim of an "extremely advanced attack" that hit many airlines and supplied so much IT support from the aviation industry.

Other airlines in the Alliance warned passengers about the cyber assault in March, but many believed that the information violated was only named and frequent flyer numbers.

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