Ali Zafar pays tribute to laborer with ‘Hum Mazdoor’

Pakistani singer Ali Zafar paying workers rich tribute to his latest album Hum Mazdoor on Labor Day.

On his Instagram account, Ali Zafar posted the song with the title, 'Hum Mazdoor| A tribute to the worker.'

"We pay tribute this Labor Day to the hard work, commitment and inexperience of our workers, who face serious financial difficulties during the pandemic of coronavirus."

"As we celebrate the work that created this great land from one country to another, from one desk to another and together, we must not forget the importance of women who are inspired by their struggles against odds."

In a different article the singer Mela Loot Liya said, 'We worry about little things played in air-conditioned rooms with mobile phones but can't even picture the extent of a worker's everyday difficulty.'

"Our #labourers are unconventional heroes who don't even get the wonder and wages they earn. Let us gather to show our love, gratitude and reverence for our labour."