Amazon adds Pakistan to the list of approved countries

In the Amazon countries accepted for sale, Pakistan has finally taken a spot. It can take 12 – 24 hours to finalize, start and run the operation. The Pakistani data can be used to create accounts.

Aisha Moriani (Committee for Trade), Omer Gajial (ex-Amazon Category Head of Development of Amazon, North America), Shoaib Sarwar (Senior Consul, General Consulate, Pakistan, LA), and team members NECC (National Ecommerce Council) and Pakistani Badar Khushnood are standing ovation for the efforts of the people behind this incredible achievement.

They worked day and night to get Pakistan on the accepted list of sellers from Amazon and it paid off their hard work.

This landmark changes the game dramatically, leading to a new period of economic prosperity as more sellers go to the site.

In the past, Prime Minister's Adviser on Trade, Abdul Razak Dawood stressed that the growth and quick access to the internet has intensified the trend of e-commerce in recent years. He added that the importance of e-commerce increased due to the Covid 19 pandemic, rendering it an economic field that is highly important.

With Pakistan now added to Amazon's approved list of sellers, one can only pray and hope that this will take a positive course for the country's growth.

Here's hope Pakistanis will not pull Amazon's Daraz!

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