Amazon in Talks to Buy MGM Studio

In December 2020, the iconic American film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., known as MGM, was launched. The studio has been in conversation with various firms since then, but couldn't conclude a deal.

Now, Amazon is reportedly planning to buy $9 billion from the company. MGM hoped to make a deal for around 7 billion dollars to 10 billion dollars, according to previous reports.

Amazon's hands on some classic films dating for several decades if the sale falls ahead. Furthermore, another favorite user will be parts of Amazon's portfolio, such as James Bond, Handmaid's Tale, Rocky, Stargate, Robocop, Legally Blonde, and Vikings. MGM has a range of production and distribution firms and an Epix content network to enter Amazon.

In Amazon's Amazon Prime video base, you will want to include all these classics. It certainly would increase the success of the platform. However, we are unsure if the films are available on Prime Video, like other media, with a price tag.

The status of the deals between Amazon and MGM however is not certain and the deal may not be completed. Therefore, use the salt grain for this information.