Among Us Is Coming To PS4 And PS5

Finally, this year's PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 will be the most successful social dissatisfaction game named 'Among Us.' Now users will jump online with 4-10 players and search for the impostors on their PlayStation consoles.

Among us, we have created an online social deduction game, which was first launched on iOS and Android in June 2018 and since then the game has been available on Windows in November 2018 due to its success.

It's been a long way for us, from a smartphone game to being on one of the world's largest play consoles. All four maps from Skeld to Airship will be used on the PS4 and PS5. PlayStation has published a new blog post:

"Our game is based partially on one of our co-founders, Marcus, who was used as a kid to play role cards and wander around a house aimlessly while a guy is silently "killed" by drawing a finger across his throat. He liked the thought of someone struggling to merge with everyone in particular. This central concept still exists among us, but we decided to mitigate the need to have an exciting house design and dull hiking so that we made it space-related and incorporated tasks. This game has undergone a great number of interface changes to get it where it is and we are glad that so many of you have resonated."

With Sony's exclusive Play To Home Program and its PlayStation consoles, it shows just how many Xboxes needs to catch up to add value to the gaming world. Their unique contribution is to make Among us accessible.