Apple Adds Lossless Audio Apple Music With No Additional Cost

In recent reports, Apple Music is introducing major updates to Dolby Atmos in the coming months that include support for quality, lossless audio, and space-based audio. However, the main aspect of these updates is that Apple will not charge any money indeed.

According to Apple, 75 million audio songs will be unavailable at the end of the year and 20 million will kick off at the start. This lossless audio can only be experienced for users who are subscribed to Apple Music. In short, there would not be any system for the upgrade of owning tracks for lossless versions of music purchases in lossless quality.

A lossless version is essentially a high-quality version of these audio titles and provides a 16-bit version at 44.1 kHz, i.e. up to 24-bit version at 48 kHz. Moreover, spatial audio and audio from Dolby Atmos are tremendous because they can provide users more immersive mixes, which can be experienced from AirPods.

To start with lossless audio, iOS users must be able to move into Settings >> Music >> Audio Quality in the latest version of Apple Music. From here on, users can tune in and download the music via cellular or WiFi via different resolutions.