Apple is Making a PSP Competitor: Leaked

Recently official PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X has re-established the Bar for game consoles. For beginners, this renders life unbelievably challenging.

Apple recently unveiled the Bionic chipset Apple TV 4K, which does not meet standards. Apple does not meet its needs. However, a recent article reveals that the Cupertino giant is now focused on gaming success with an all-new chipset backed up by the next game console.

Apple is Making a PSP Competitor: Leaked

The article comes from a Korean newsletter that shows that Apple has a new handheld hybrid console in its work, which is close to the old Nintendo Switch or Sony's PSP. This means that after decades Apple is again focusing on the gaming market.

Rumor has it that the next console has a strong cooling mechanism, which separates it from the latest consoles of the brand, such as iPhones and iPad. It is also operated by a new chipset, rather than our current A-series and M-series processors.

The article adds that Apple is now discussing exclusive games on its console with leading developers like Ubisoft.

This mysterious console is not much understood, but we're going to update it as soon as more detail is available. There were reports last year about a game-oriented computer, but that was not the case, so we would suggest that we use a pinch of salt for this information.