Apple Music HiFi lossless audio feature found in Android app beta

Apple apparently is ready to start an audio project without a loss for its streaming support from Apple Music, and a recent teardown application will show some new information on this unannounced lossless solution. In the Apple Music 3.6.0 Beta app, suggestions about how much data it would need to stream lost music if it's not wired to WiFi have now been unusually discovered.

The latest specifics are provided from 9to5Google, which they find in the newly updated Android Apple Music Beta app. The discovery reveals that Apple is taking its lossless Android audio alternative, too, showing its nature.

The definition of Apple's data to stream the lossless audio over cellular data indicates that two separate HiFi options will be available: High resolution lossless with a maximum of 24 24 bits / 192 kHz and lossless audio with a range of 24 bits and 48 kHz.

All of these lossless alternatives will use the ALAC codec of Apple. It is unclear whether the HiFi solution is split into two plans or whether both lossless distribution possibilities are included by a service. This will include Apple Music's existing compressed audio offerings, saving data, and providing high quality.

Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio for the Apple Music iOS versions find the previous visibility from 9to5Mac but 9to5Google reports that the data dropped out of its Android sibling. At this time many features remain missing like how much HiFi is needed by Apple Music and when the deal will be launched.