Apple Music Tests Different Sound Quality Options

We have received several leaks and reports about Apple Music since the start of this month, and the latest additions are slowly being introduced for the users. Now we know that Apple is offering new lossless audios, for which users can pay a monthly fee. Sound Quality options.

Leakers also found the Apple Music code string to make the app more fun and confidential, revealing the latest features. When Apple Music has been updated, three different choices of sound quality will be available: high performance, high quality, lossless and high-resolution lossless. 10GB of space stores 3,000 high-quality songs, 1,000 lossless songs, and 200 high-defense lossless songs.

It means that the app can use more data, compared to high-quality, to stream the same track into hi-res lossless. Isn't this incredible? This means that you can now control the use of your results. This latest feature is even tinkered with the music app. The technology giant asks users to prepare for ever-changing music. Under it, there is an Apple Music logo, which takes you to a short animation.

Although the company didn't announce the start of this feature, we can believe it will meet us at a WWDC developer conference after June 7th.