Apple to delay launch of podcast subscription service

After a few podcast developers had problems with the delays in their shows after uploading them, Apple postpones the debut of a subscription service until June, according to an email that Reuters has seen.

Apple said in April that it was creating a service that would allow podcast makers to charge for their episodes, Apple keeps a commission of 30% in its first year of subscription, and then reduces commissions to 15%, similar to its App Store.

Originally the service was set to start this month.

Last month, Apple announced a worldwide marketplace called Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, which offers users paid subscriptions from their favorite creators, as well as millions of free events on the Apple Podcasts.

The Service enables listeners to subscribe to premium subscriptions from more than 170 countries and regions that offer a number of perks that producers curate such as ad-free listening, access to additional material, and access to a new series in early or exclusive terms. List of premium subscriptions to notable media and entertainment businesses, including the NPR, Los Angeles Times, the Athletic, Sony Music Entertainment, and many more from independent voices and premium studios such Tenderfoot TV, Pushkin Industries, PRX Radiotopia, and QCODE, etc.

Isteners will be able, with unique titles, descriptions, and work, to find channels that are groups of displays chosen by producers. As they do with shows, listeners may browse free channels that make it easy to find further shows from the preferred producers of their shows and subscription channels that provide subscribers extra advantages