Apple to start supporting cryptocurrency soon

Apple has recently put a job ad on its website that says the company can soon embrace crypto-monetary payments, and it is naturally bustling in the IT industry.

As Forbes reports, the tech giant was appointed as "Business Development Manager - Alternative Payments," which calls on candidates to get experience with bitcoin handling.

"We want an experienced Business Development Manager to drive alternative payment partnerships in Apple Wallets, Payments and Trade (WPC). We need for a well-proven specialist in global payment alternatives and new technologies," said the post.

"5+ years of expertise in dealing with or with alternative payment provider such as digital wallets, BNPL, fast payments and cryptocurrency etc." was one of the main credentials needed.

Apple has conducted cryptocurrency cautiously. In 2014, the company banned crypto monetary wallets from its App Store, but then overturned the judgement and allowed them presently. However, Apple does not allow its Apple Card to be used to acquire cryptocurrency on iPhones and restricts mining.

According to the research paper by RBC Capital Markets, Apple has a "clear opportunity" to provide a purchase and marketing mechanism for cryptocurrencies.

Apple could tackle problems in the face of cryptographic assets with access to world class software and a secure ecosystem because it knows what the company's customer legislation and other regulations offers with a shutdown system which prevents bad activities, improves asset safety, and provides instant access to buyers and sellers, according to the report.

It noted that if Apple, which already has a Wallet app, goes down the track, it would probably make the US a world leader in crypto assets, reducing the risk that the industry would be shut down by the government.