Australian Fast Bowler Who Played PSL Charged with The Child Sexual Offenses

Aaron Summers, a speedster in Australia was charged with child sexual offenses, after significant evidence gathered by the authorities on his mobile phone. Summers was arrested and brought before the local Darwin court on Monday morning on Friday afternoon.

"A case was brought to the attention of NT Cricket, and it was actioned promptly in accordance with our Member Security Policy. Cricket Australia issued a statement on the subject. The issue was forwarded to the relevant authorities in accordance with the policy and is now dealing with by the police."

Summers' mobile phone held many videos of child abuse that the Northern Territory Police Department reveals, and he has been in touch with several other children "to procure other illicit images."

Summers was detained and charged with one daycare count and two counts of possession of materials for child abuse. In the coming days, his sentence will be announced.

He has played one match in The Big Bash, played in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), and was the first Australian cricket player to take part in the Pakistan Day Cup when he signed last year to South Punjab, Pakistan One Day Cup. Summers' was known as a fiery, fast bowler for a cricketing fraternity.

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