Bakery prints the photo of thief on cookies to find him

To find the thief, the owners of a bakery in Milwaukee, Washington, wanted to print the thief's picture on their cookies.

The move comes after the bakery was recently the victim of a robbery. On April 19, someone broke in and stole a lot of money as well as some equipment. The owners wanted to print a photo of the main suspect on their cookies.

Karen and Eric Krieg discovered the picture thanks to the surveillance camera they were able to get. They could just see his back, but they printed it on their new cookies, appropriately called "Take a Bite Out of Crime." The picture was written in the centre and the edges were bordered with red buttercream.

On May 2, they went on sale to the general public. The target was for the local community to buy it and see how they could identify the man in the picture.

They also included all of the required contact information for the Milwaukee Police Department or an agency called Crime Stoppers in case of any leads, which they shared on May 1.

Needless to mention, their bold decision was a huge success. Many residents continued to contact the police department with different suggestions that brought them closer to the suspect. He was discovered a week later, but he is yet to be arrested.

The bakery thanked anyone who supported them in a follow-up message. Netizens were blown away by their inventiveness. They responded throughout the comments section. Because of the theft, the majority of them expressed sympathy for them.