Banks start deploying artificial intelligence to monitor employees and customers

Major global banks have begun to track their clients through software surveillance and computer vision. Computer vision is a field of artificial understanding which trains computers to understand and interpret what they see in the visual world. And then they respond to what they're "doing." A study from a Reuters news agency finds that the app is used to learn the behavior of consumers, look at the staff and find homeless people slumbering next to Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs).

The development of AI devices within the banking industry could also signal the technology's expansion into other industries.

However, the invention of facial recognition raises widespread questions over human rights. Werkzeug opposition emphasizes the seizures and lack of privacy of innocent persons who were mistakenly detected by the technology.

JPMorgan uses this program to determine how staff invest their time while other banks want to identify how many clients exit due to the length of the transactions.