BCCI Defends The IPL Despite COVID-19 Crisis In India

The Chairman of the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI), Saurav Ganguly, emphasizes that considering the terrible situation in the region, it has been no mistake for the Indian Premier League (IPL) to host its 14th edition.

After some players and personnel from different franchises were positive about COVID-19, the IPL was interrupted halfway through the tournament.

Ganguly finally broke his silence on the matter, saying, "There was no (19 COVID Spike) in India when we agreed all that. It's really quick to claim, but COVID-19 numbers (in India) were nothing when this tournament was held. We began with and ended up without Mumbai and then Mumbai was very high (number of COVID-19 active cases)."

Ganguly said the BCCI plans to host the entire UAE tournament, just as it was last season. But because no immediate COVID-19 wave was present in India, they dismissed their plans in India and decided to keep them.

Ganguly continued that COVID-19 contractors were no news since there were multiple instances of COVID-19 in different leagues.

He said, "Arsenal players have been poisoned, Manchester City. The matches have been reprogrammed and their season lasts six months. But we have a close season. Because our players must be (released) to their nations, it was difficult to rescheduling."

BCCI also does not discover the intentions to reprogram the rest of the competition, and it was uncertain if the remaining tournament will take place in the future.