Careem Users Charged Thousands Extra for Rides: Technical Malfunction

Earlier today, Careem passengers were paid thousands of dollars more for a single ride due to a technological fault in the device.

The main cause for the extra fee is said to be a machine bug that charged Pakistani consumers in Dirhams, Dollars, and other foreign currencies.

If a passenger was going to be paid Rs. 1,500 for a journey, the Careem system charged him/her Dhs. 1,500 – which is approximately Rs. 62,000.

When asked, Careem admitted the problem and stated that the hiccup was caused by a technical fault.

We apologize for the disruption this has caused. Due to a configuration bug, the balance was paid in a different currency. It was promptly corrected. Please be assured the repayment will be rendered in accordance with banking procedures. Please contact me if you need any additional information.

According to authorities, any overcharges would be reimbursed to consumers in due course.

Customers were also paid a 3.5 percent currency conversion rate, which is standard when a Pakistani card is charged with any foreign currency.

It should be noted that credit card refunds in Pakistan will take weeks.

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