CCP to develop e-commerce guidelines for businesses

In order to increase customer confidence in electronic markets and promote equitable trading practises to ensure that future misuse and misleading marketing practises in electronic industry are not dealt with, the Competition Commission of Pakistan will collaborate with companies to formulate and announce electronic marketing policies.

The pandemic has speeded up the transition to a more interactive environment. The country has been quickly shifted to new market models, an increase in internet sales and shifts in the trend of consumption. It has also been considered urgent for shoppers to be as secure for online shopping as it is for offline shopping.

"Effective communications and accountability would boost growth in e-commerce and create customer trust," says Chairperson of the CCP, Rahat Kaunain Hassan.

The CCP in Pakistan is looking for information on key elements regulating its online operations and purchases at about 35 main online platforms.

These includes the fundamental business disclosure, product specifications, and verification process, the warnings (product safety and so on), warranties, disclosure and disclaimers, essential online business conditions in pre-buying, purchasing and after-buying stages, methods of payment and security of payment systems.

The CCP invites non-directed players to share and take part in the consulting policy formulation process, given the development of e-commerce players in Pakistan.

The CCP also wishes companies to clarify the personal data security and privacy protections in place and the transparency, accuracy, accessibility and visuality of information on goods and services to enable customers to make informed choices.

CCP aims to reinforce customer confidence by e-commerce guidelines for the prevention of fraud and deceptive trading practises and secure the legitimate rights and interests of customers in the evolving electronic marketplace.

You must provide the buyer genuine, correct and comprehensive facts and prevent false, misleading or unreasonable statements, omissions or actions.

The CCP will hold consultative sessions with all stakeholders until any proposal in this regard is formalised until input is obtained within the agreed period.

Under the Competition Act of 2010, the CCP has a responsibility to ensure open competition in all areas of trade and business activities, increase economic productivity and protect customers from anti-competitive behaviour.

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