Ch. Fawad Hussain says that government will implement modern technology to end rigging allegations

Ch. Fawad Hussain, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, said that the Government is applying the new technologies to eradicate the uproar over electoral rigging.

Free and open elections require the right electronic voting machines, according to the Minister. Moreover, the Minister, in addition to stressing the principle of openness, remembers the day in which in his cricket days the present Premier Imran Khan asked for impartial empires to be introduced into cricket matches and how this pleading brought about the elimination of racism in sport by linking it with the most up to date technology.

He said that the government requires electronic voting machines to bring the same equality into the electoral process. Mostly because PML-N believed RTS had not been able to submit Form 45 to a committee nearly three years earlier, which later led to 25 requests for rigging in Punjab. In addition, once PML-N had accused PPP of taming with the byelections in Karachi.

Furthermore, the Ministry argued that PML-N was only brought to power through conspiracy and that bigotry and unlawful methods in the electoral system should be discarded in order to guarantee a bright future for the country and its citizens.