Chief Election Commissioner Highlighted The Need Of Reliable Technology In Elections

The Election Commission from Pakistan has stressed in a recent meeting on the right to vote for Overseas Pakistanis and the implementation of electronic voting machines in polls that the technology should be safe in order to ensure elections are transparent and equal.

During the conference, the Ministry of Science and Technology discussed several proposals for the future of the vote by 31 May on the creation of the EVM and also provides an appropriate demonstration. A committee, which will deal with the progress made with the introduction of the EVM, was also formed in the chairmanship of the ECP Secretary.

However, the idea of a web vote for Pakistanis and EVMs in cabinets and parliament has been proposed in reports. The idea was convinced by the ECP for using the EVM and for granting voting rights abroad by President Dr. Arif Alvi.

Additionally, in only four countries in 2015, the ECP eventually carried out a funny experiment in voting by Pakistani people from abroad. Certain problems arose, however, on a technological and legal basis.

In short, the government must focus on its complexity in order for EVMs to be generated in the future.