China Aiming To Improve Tea Plantation Via Slope Technology

In a recent Gwadar Pro paper, China reported that by means of its slope-planting technology, it would provide Pakistan with improvement in tea production.

Dr. Abdul Waheed, Director of the Research Institute for National Tea and High-Value Crops, says:

"The greatest difficulty for Pakistan's tea industry, compared with other nations, is that the price of fresh tea leaves is too poor. The growth of tea trees and the start of their yield takes about 6 to 7 years. The farmers cannot wait too long and need a living income. Secondly, we have fewer land holdings for our farmers. They've just got 3 or 4 land fields. We should raise the price in order to make tea happy for farmers and to provide it to our plants."

In addition, Dr. Abdul claims that Pakistan should have a special tea planting region close to other countries, as he said in the following statement:

"The special tea region has been fixed to all countries that have grown tea such as Kenya, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Brondi, and other countries. They called the army in Kenya to defend the country. They have not allowed anyone else to plant tea. We had a cabinet meeting on this issue, but the final consent has still not been obtained. This time we introduce a cluster structure where 121 clusters are located."

In a nutshell, the efficiency of the tea plants will be much improved with this cluster-based method and will meet significantly higher demand from the customer. However, Mr. Naeem Ahmed, Special Assistant Technical Officer, said the following with respect to domestic consumers:

"Tea manufactured in our country at the moment is insufficient to meet domestic demands. We can use the forest and hilly areas to grow tea if we create a Tea Board. Government should participate in the marketing process and make policies. They have only a state reserved for rising tea, as they do in Turkey. They still earn a great deal from a vast variety of farming areas. We will require tea-growing equipment."

Besides this, Mr. Naeem believes that, as China is very huge in the field of tea exports, an alliance or partnership between China and the Government of Pakistan will be advised to acquire more machinery and expertise.

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