Chinese Company Aims to Set Up Electric Vehicle Chargers in Pakistan

RNL Technologies, a Chinese innovator, has stated that it intends to install electric vehicles (EV) in Pakistan.

The Chinese company is presently preparing a number of proposals to initiate an EV scheme, according to Owais Mir, CEO of Dynamic Engineering and Automation (DEA).

He explained that:

RNL is ready to help DEA develop and expand this industry in Pakistan in every way possible in a sustainable way. Through its LPG Air Mix and LNG technologies, DEA now aims to do the same thing for the eV market, based on our expertise and our previous awareness, in meeting the country's energy requirements. DEA already has extensive experience.

He further said that the market for electric cars has risen further after the news of the enforcement of an EV charge system. Consequently, the Pakistani market is also the focus of other well-known EV firms.

As cumulative substitutes for petrol, diesel, and liquefied natural gas, RNL Technologies provides various incentives for electric vehicles in China (LNG). In this respect, the capacity to build EV chargers in Pakistan could effectively help the Pacific Government allot more and more ambitious financing for the automotive industry to support unsustainable places.