Clubhouse for Android is now Globally Available

The wait is over now. Clubhouse introduced its worldwide Android version. A few days before the launch of the Android version, Clubhouse revealed that it will now be open to everyone. The app runs just the way it works on iOS. This ensures that you still need to be invited by others to start using the app. The positive news is that there are many invitations for all existing users so many are currently around.

Originally started last year as an iPhone app only. Later, it became popular with a number of high-profile celebrities, politicians, investors, and entrepreneurs. In addition, helpful upgrades are also available to draw more users. The most common feature was the development of an Android app.

The service has been replicated by many due to its success. More recently, the same function called Spaces has been introduced by Twitter. Twitter, of course, provided everyone with it very easily and without invitation.

Let's see how the Android app gets famous like the iOS app does or doesn't.