Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Witness One of the Worst Crashes Ever

After China's difficult situation against the asset adds to recent Bitcoin price troubles, crypto stocks continue to reach big. In addition, the sheepish tweets of Tesla maverick Elon Musk-led any bone to break loose on a crypto road over the weekend, which caused panic buys and moves into lower market caps.

The BTC has crashed at the time of writing to a humiliating four-month low of 39,500 dollars, falling 30%, having reached its all-time peak of 63,729 dollars in April.

In the lower market caps, the story was similar; coins such as Ethereum, Binance Coin, and LTC fell in the last 24 hours like a rock. On an index of 7 days, 31% of Ethereum, 35%, and 29% of LTC are down.

The only significant exception was the USDT, which is 0,02 %, only because it has a fiat currency in principle.

Apart from the weak coins in the top ten market caps, the upticks in the weeks to come are promising for cryptocurrencies like Solan (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), and Nano (NANO).

SOL has increased to 9.6 percent, with a positive $49.8 trade at the time of writing. The MATIC blockchain polygon coin gained by 110% on the 7-day index and traded at $2.4. Over the last 24 hours, Nano has grown by nearly 3 percent, gaining support after breaking the 9$ trade barrier.