Cryptocurrency craze in Pakistan reaches an all time high

Today, Pakistani Twitter has all major cryptocurrencies in the trend.

Bitcoin only jumped 5.6% to Sunday $49,337.72 up 77.9% of its $27,734 downy year on January 4, and everything went unheeded in Pakistan. The insanity for big digital currencies like Bitcoin seems to have gone all the way up, with the #Bitcoin hashtag hitting the top of 248,000 tweets followed by #dogecoin, the popular Elon Musk's coin of fame.

Any big incidents, such as Elon Musk's decision to discontinue bitcoin payments for Tesla, Waqar Zaka's nomination by the KPK as "crypto specialist," may have been the sudden exponential growth of interest in cryptocurrency. Pakistanis might flock now, for millions of dollars, to Binance as their favorite Crypto trading platform.

Following the increasing global adoption of crypto, Pakistan agreed to launch a digital currency of its own. The KPK government leads by making it Pakistan's first-ever crypto-advisory committee to legalize crypto, establish Bitcoin mineral farms and introduce it.

However, Waqar Zaka, former Living on the Edge host who now runs a paid-off community to advise Pakistani on crypto investments, receives a credit to make Cryptocurrencies famous in Pakistan and to pay attention to them. Waqar, who is also the founding mission of Tehreek e-Tech in Pakistan, has repeatedly claimed to reimburse Pakistan for its debt. Despite the repeated dismissal of such allegations, Waqar Zaka sent shockwaves with audacious PM Imran to resign if its attempts to rid Pakistan of Crypto debt prove successful.

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