eBay soon to ban 'Vulgar and sexually explicit' items from platform

The latest developments include a ban on the selling of the most sexually provocative content by the multinational e-commerce giant eBay from 15 June 2021. The news exploded after eBay revised its user adult rules.

"Most adult products are forbidden," according to the latest guideline on the eBay website. Nudity goods or indecent contents must comply with up-to-date requirements which the eBay website then checks before they are sold.

According to the new policy,

eBay describes nudity as any aspect of the male or female breasts where there is a conspicuous areola.

Furthermore, too tight or transparent models of dress that reveal human genitals, anus, or areola of women's breasts, together with the male erections, are explicitly banned along with people who engage in some kind of sexual activity.

Furthermore, in addition to adult films and computer games, the only adult products banned were 'sexually suggestive anime, magazines, novels, animations, manga, hentai, yaoi.' Therefore, if gaming enthusiasts contain sexually explicit images as stated in the new policy, they cannot purchase any of their favorite games.

However, the website allows nude art listings which do not contain overtly provocative poses but include the object-specific attribute. In addition, these pieces are included in the eBay platform categories. EBay will also behave against sellers that do not comply with the new policy.