Facebook Employees Expose The Hidden Bias Against Muslims and Palestine

Facebook has apparently "lost trust among Arab users" after the app's infamous spread of false news about violence against Rohingya Muslims in mars 2018, it has immediately lauded its resources for the politically accused anti-Muslim narrative.

While many users think that the Facebook censorship difficulties can be unstable, which includes a "Security feature." The app employees believe that something more sinister is taking place, which prevents people from posting Instagram reports on Palestinian displacement and other worldwide events. Many of them worry that at this point it is too late for their business to get a clean shelf.

During the 2011 uprisings against the so-called 'despotic' regimes in the Middle East widely known as the Arab Spring, social media corporations such as Facebook have always lauded their role to show that 'their platforms democratized information.'

The new battlefront between Israel and Hamas was not different since this time these networking sites reject the content of Israel and 'distracted more staff and attention from pages of important Israeli politicians like Naftali Bennett and the IDF.

Facebook staff have tried to raise concerns with their own employer about this problem, but the bias of the company in the form of 'consistently, deliberately and systematically silencing Palestinian voices.'

Maybe something practical will be made known when the Human Rights Council finishes its investigation into the crimes against Gaza.