Facebook fights influential campaigns for hire

Thursday, Facebook said that nine disappointing online marketing promotions have been conducted, as marketing companies use false profiles to influence opinions.

The promotions included announcements and messages from the leading social network to citizens in Azerbaijan, the CAF, Mexico, Palestine, Peru, and Ukraine.

The head of Facebook security strategy, Nathaniel Gleicher said during a briefing: "Each company has mostly or solely targeted audiences in its own countries."

"Ukraine is a fascinating example; in recent years, it is the leading indicator of concerted non-authentic conduct activities excluded from the site."

Two separate campaigns have been thwarted by Facebook using fake accounts in that region.

According to Gleicher, one of the operations was discovered by a tip from the FBI and linked to Ukrainians who had been approved by the US Treasury Department for a separate effort to manipulate the presidential election here.

"As one individual targeted the US election, the separate effort promoted anti-Russian material was operating in Ukraine," said Ben Nimmo, the world's leading threat intelligence team on Facebook.

According to Nimmo, Ukraine's activities promoted numerous lawmakers and groups, meaning that they were contracted advertising or marketing companies.

"Think about those activities as mercenaries, rent help," Nimmo said. "Think of them.

According to Gleicher, Ukraine has become a 'sweet spot' for non-true web campaigns.

When Facebook is breaking up false identities, perpetrators of instant messaging systems such as WhatsApp and Telegram have tried their hand, said, executives.

According to Gleicher, there was a steady movement in the past year among "threat actors" to reach people directly through Facebook and beyond messaging platforms.

"They're already caught after this move," he said.

According to the California corporation, a total of 1.656 Facebook and 141 Instagram pages were deleted during April for breaches of the coordinated misconduct laws.

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