Facebook Set up Special Team Amid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Intensified

The crisis between Israel and Palestine has deteriorated in a dangerous way and will get more ferocious if it does not end. More citizens took to social media sites and began campaigning for an urgent truce and the cessation of fighting in Gaza as the war escalated. Being able to react on its website on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, Social Media giant Facebook has set up a 24-7 "special operations center."

In the middle of the Gaza strip's fatal confrontation, disinformation has spread on social media platforms, hate speech, and calls for violence. Monika Bickert, Vice President of Facebook, told reporters during a conference call that,

It helps us to track the situation closely so that we can delete material that breaks our group expectations quicker and at the same time fixing potential mistakes in implementing them.

Facebook set up similar centers to concentrate on situations such as the general elections prior to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

Moreover, the New York Times recently announced that Jewish Zionists have created new groups on the famous WhatsApp messaging platform owned by Facebook. According to a spokesperson on WhatsApp,

As private message services, we do not have access to the contents of personal chats, but we take steps to block accounts that could cause immediate damage if the information is revealed to us. For the minimal details available to us, we often react rapidly to legitimate law enforcement requests.

In addition, there have been critiques on social media sites about censorship charges. A few days back, the news service BuzzFeed has announced that Instagram has removed contents in Jerusalem, which are the subject of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Facebook.