Fake News: mRNA Vaccines Will Not Kill You

There is no scientific evidence to support a message that goes about on social media platforms that mRNA-based vaccination COVID-19 might half the world's population in the next 5 years and it has proven incorrect.

Thousands of social media users who posted a screenshot of a message initially placed into "Brighteon Social," a social network for liberty, spread the fake statement.

In January this year, a user named "Health Ranger" published the original article for Brighteon Social. An important remember of MRNA vaccinations was apparently shared via the post.

In the report:

In five years, the majority of those taking an mRNA vaccination are dead. In the United States, 4,2 million doses have been given, and this figure increases every day. Depending on how many people take mRNA vaccine, the population may perhaps be HALF by 2025.

A simple internet cross-search finds that Mike Adams is a self-proclaimed consumer health advocate and online activist, and he is called the health ranger.

Google in 2017 had blacklisted the "Natural News" website of the right-wing conspiracy Mike. Facebook also drew a Natural News page in January this year, with 3 million members.

Worldwide, scientists have rejected the rightwing conspirator's false claim and have argued that no scientific data reveals that mRNA vaccinations have died or would kill in the next 5 years. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence that this might half the population by 2025.

The two mRNA-based vaccines approved in the US are Pfizer and Moderna. Both vaccinations were created last year, therefore no data on their long-term effects have been available yet.

Based on clinical testing of both vaccines, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has certified both vaccinations safe and effective. In their Vaccine Adverse Event reporting system, the CDC regularly monitors reported adverse effects of both vaccines (VAERS).