Fake News: People take Vaccine Will Not Die in Two Years

The statement made lately on social media by Luc Montagnier, the French virologist and Nobel laureate, has proven incorrect.

"Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier has proven that the possibility of survival for persons who are vaccinated with a coronavirus and who have been inoculated for COVID-19 would all die within two years," said the viral statement.

According to the specifics, the false statement was first published as a so-called "known provider for misleading information" on numerous well-known websites, in the LifeSiteNews, a Canadian far-right anti-abortion advocacy group, and news editor.

Earlier this month, Facebook suspended the COVID-19 account of LifeSiteNews.

A two-minute edited video of a Luc Montagnier interview, condemning the mass immunization program COVID-19, was inserted in the post on The LifeSiteNews.

In the original 11-minute interview video, the Nobel Laureate never said clearly, though, that, as stated in the viral statement, "vaccinated individuals will die within two years."

Because of its anti-vaccination position, Luc Montagnier called widespread COVID-19 in the pandemic an "enormous error."

He considered the concept of mass vaccination an unethical medical mistake during the epidemic and highlighted worry about antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

Anti-vaccine groups have used a doctored video published on LifeSiteNews to shoot their narrative. These groups spread the video on various social media sites to help people fight the vaccination of COVID-19.

The viral declaration was also called 'fake' by some leading virologists and repetition of COVID-19 vaccines.

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