FBR Confirms Charging Excessive Duties and Taxes on Mobile Phones

A clarification of the news on the unfair charge for tariffs and mobile taxes was given by the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR).

He reported that a meeting with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) recently found that passengers would register their passports with up to five cell phones.

The disparity in duties and taxes between passport and CNIC registration is roughly Rs. 9,000 for high-end smart phones of more than 500 dollars each.

Therefore, the WeBOC module has been changed via the CRF to correct this phenomenon and to reduce the registration of a cell phone set against the passport (change request form).

The withholding tax deduction was, however, also suppressed during the process and now the scheme has shown the cumulative passport taxes as Rs. 36,720.

The FBR indicated that the problem was addressed with Director (R&A) Karachi and that the team was examining the module to fix the problem and reinstate former taxes and duties.

Tomorrow afternoon, the problem will be fixed and all those who paid extra for this flaw will be reimbursed.

The FBR said that it regrets those who had to pay excess duties and taxes for the discomfort they caused.

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