FBR Introduces Online Electronic Hearing of Assessments Cases and Tax Audits

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced the software of electronic hearing of tax audit and assessment cases to encourage the taxpayers. This has been achieved by activating and functionalizing the e-Hearings module in the Iris.

The module allows remote listening from the same hearing rooms set up in-field training sessions as well as from the locations of taxpayers. For more legal and administrative use, e-hearings will be registered and archived.

The module was first launched and tested in LTO Islamabad, RTO Rawalpindi, RTO Faisalabad, and RTO Peshawar, where online e-Hearings were made possible via dedicated e-Hearing Rooms and from the taxpayers' residences.

In the second step, all remaining field formations will have such e-Hearings activated and operationalized. By May 31, 2021, the FBR has ordered all Chief Commissioners IR to set up dedicated e-Hearing Rooms in their respective field offices.

The module would enable the head office to attend any hearing at any time for an administrative review of the system without advance notice.

The FBR has also stated that, with the implementation of the e-Hearing module, taxpayers will no longer be expected to visit the offices for hearings, and that all physical hearings in the offices of the officers will be phased out completely.

Accordingly, starting July 1, 2021, no physical hearings will be permitted in any of the field formations, and all hearings will be performed through the e-Hearing module.